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From the seemingly infinite diversity of the Indian subcontinent, Agnee Indian brings you the finest dishes from both Northern and Southern Indian regions.

World-renowned North Indian cuisine features lavish, elaborate dishes, rich with an abundance of meat, nuts and saffron and redolent with exotic spices.

Kormas and goshts - mild yet complex in flavour with their creamy yoghurt-based sauces, as well as tandoori dishes with special, smoky flavours imparted by the traditional clay oven, all complemented by homemade wheat breads such as roti, parathas and naan - feature extensively on Agnee Indian's menu.

South India, where the population is mostly vegetarian, has a cuisine that's lighter (and hotter!), in which popular ingredients are coconut milk, fresh herbs and chillies. Traditional South Indian dishes - such as Masala Dosa, Indian-style crepes made from ground rice and lentils, filled with spicy potatoes, onions and tomatoes, and idlis, soft steamed rice and lentil cakes served with Sambhar (a lentil and vegetable stew) and accompanied by any manner of delicious chutneys - are specialties of the Agnee Indian kitchen.

The contemporary atmosphere, authentic yet inexpensive dishes and welcoming, knowledgeable staff make dining at Agnee Indian a memorable experience. Perfect for any occasion - an intimate dinner for two, a meal out with friends, a family celebration, a work lunch or an after-work get-together - Agnee Indian has built a reputation for first-class food and service.



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Our history

Built from the ground up


Agnee Indian is owned and managed by Arjun Jaiswal, son of well-respected Inder Jaiswal, a restaurateur of more than 30 years' experience. Inder, who arrived in Australia in 1971 with only $10 in his possession, has opened many highly regarded Indian restaurants in Melbourne, the Gold Coast and in his native India. During that time, Inder has selflessly mentored many of his countrymen, as restaurateurs and chefs, and assisted them in establishing their own restaurants.
Since 2004, Inder and Arjun have run The Indian, a popular, family-friendly restaurant in the heart of Robina Town Centre after closing The House of India chain. In 2010, Arjun and his father collaborated on the establishment of Agnee Indian, which like all of Inder's restaurants has quickly become a favourite with locals and curry aficionados alike.


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Catering for all tastes

South Indian specialties


Although famous for South Indian specialties such as Masala Dosa and Idlis, we have a large range of truly outstanding and varied dishes from both North and South India on our menu. We also have an extensive range of vegetarian dishes.

At Agnee Indian, our chefs carefully select fresh local produce then expertly combine exotic, fragrant spices imported directly from India to create authentic Indian cuisine. Every meal is prepared to order (from mild, medium to hot), using traditional methods, by chefs with many years' experience. The care and attention given each dish is apparent in every sumptuous mouthful.